There has been some news on the next update from Gamescom!


The Highlights are


  • Every zone will be battle levelled like Wrothgar was. As part of this every zone will get group world bosses.
  • All Alliances will be together in PVE Zones
  • Craglorn has been completely redesigned - The main story is solo, there are world bosses for larger groups and the side quests are for groups of 2-4
  • Killing final bosses in vet dungeons will guarantee  monster masks and every dungeons will have one, that's 17 new sets coming to the game.
  • There are two festivals added - one near Halloween called the witches festival and another called the new life festival which will be around New Year.


This will be out on PTS at the end of this month and is due for release in October.


Update 13 has been confirmed for Housing!!




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