Boss 1 - Cell Haunter Ghostie!

General Tactic is a basic tank and spank. Kill the adds before taking on the boss. The biggest threat in this fight is a channeled green ray of doooooooom! A random player is picked by the ghost for this, it is not related to threat in anyway. You can not interrupt it, the best you can do is ensure that you are in front of the healer to ensure you make it easy for them to keep you alive.


The ghost also casts a slow moving icy blast which is easy to dodge as long as you keep at range. Tanking this boss at range makes life easier if at all possible.


Boss 2 - Shadowrend

Mostly a tank and spank! There are 2 buttons, one spawns some banekin which need to be killed quickly with AOE damage and pinning abilities. The Second spawns the beastie.


The most dangerous thing this beastie does is charge and maul a random player. Again it is not threat related. All players should manage their stamina to ensure they always have enough available to "break free" (Mouse 2 and Mouse 1 together) as the maul will kill most players if left unchecked. The boss also casts a clone of himself, its not too much trouble - just kill it fast :) The last ability that melee and tanks should look for is the tail swipe with is a small 360 degree AOE but it hits pretty hard, stay out of the red!


Boss 3 Angata with Clannfear

More basic tank and spank Its all about the fire! She does alot of fire damage, vamps beware. Kill all the adds then concentrate on her.

Her main ability is interruptible, tank should concentrate on that. She is surrounded by flame just before she casts it so it is easy to telegraph.

She does target the tank so it is not random, watch that threat!

She casts fire pools on the floor, stay out the red!

She can summon clannfear after kneeling on the floor, kill them quick and stay out of their charges.


Boss 4 Big Skelly Kiting

Dancing and skelly romance! The most dangerous move here is a stomp that deals heavy AOE damage, stay out the red! Tank Kite that boss!

The boss Spawns adds, they explode after a period of time. You can either AOE/Kill them quick or ignore them if your good enough to avoid the explosions. The tank should also avoid a cone attack. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!


Boss 5 Rilis!

The main mechanic to this is the blobs, if they reach Rilis they heal him and you don't want that. Range DPS should kill them quick. If the tank takes the boss away form the throne it gives people room to move and makes this easier.

Every so often he thrusts his sword in the air, this highlights that he is about to splash the groud with damage pools. Avoid them :)

The last trick in his pockets is a ranged knock back which hurts in itself but also holds the double rick of knocking you into a damage pool. This is random so just pray for luck and run to the healer for help after you get up.





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