This boss has no adds to worry about and is pretty standard in all ways.

Her frontal cone attack hits fairly hard and is quite hard to avoid so the tank should ensure that they keep the boss`s back to the rest of the group just to make life easier for all.

Every so often this little minx will jump to a random player, do not panic she doesn't hit hard and she should then make her way back to the tank doing a whirlwind attach which should be avoided by anyone who is squishy.

The tank should interrupt all of her heavy attacks, standard tanky skill stuff :)


Ancient Spriggan

Optional Miniboss - many choose to skip this (or simply miss it)


The fight itself is a simple tank and spank affair, adds are spawned but they pose no real threat and are easy to kill with decent AOE.


I have seen this plant cause some groups problems, especially if there are some new ESO players within it. Remember to help fellow guildies through their mistakes, do not moan at them!

Every so often the plant will pull someone who is at range towards him, it seems completely random. Just run away again.

The biggest danger is the large AOE attack that grows from the plant. It inflicts enough poison damage to one shot some people. It also stuns people within it. Manage your stamina so you can roll/sprint away.

The boss spawns other plants around the cave that heal the boss with a green beam. Interrupt the healing and then DPS down the adds as quickly as possible.



This is another Optional Boss.


Some find this boss a bit of a handful due to the volume of add`s that surround him. The tank should kite the boss while the rest of the group take down the adds. Dragon Knight Talons make this much easier.

The Tank should block all heavy attacks.

The boss casts an shock damage AOE around him that can hurt, DPS should fight at range or be prepared to avoid this. Once this AOE is cast the boss follows up with lightning form to increase his defenses. Just kick seven shades of hell out of him.


Another Mini boss that is optional.

It is a tank and spank, DPS should clear the add first.

The tank should be aware of a jump attack that is pretty pointless to try and avoid, just block it.

This ugly mofo loves to pull people infront of him and follow it up with a frontal cone attack that hits pretty hard. Healer`s need to be on the ball :)



Final boss, you made it!


This is really just a tank and spank, if everyone else can damage/heal from range then life is very easy as the boss has a large AOE which should be avoided by squishy`s at all costs. If you are never close to the boss then that is not a problem.


Add spawn which should be pulled in by the tank


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