The Twelve Knights were born in April 2001 as a Counter Strike 1.3 clan. We progressed through the versions of conuter strike and onto Conter Strike Condition Zero before heading onto Counter Strike : Source.


We were one of the prominent UK clans for Counter Strike with many members being active administrators in the EnemyDown competative gaming site.


In 2008 we boldly ventured out into the world of MMO's and joined the Age of Conan. We were strickly a PVE guild and ran popular and successful raids both within the guild and publically. We gathered friends together for some good times as we slashed and burned our way across Hyboria. However, real life took its toll as well as the bugs of a new game and most of us retired from the game.


The Elder Scrolls Online reared its head and with the wealth of back story provided by previous Elder Scroll titles we bravely stepped into the new title.


13 years is a long time for a gaming community, along the way life long friendships have been formed and great times have been had.


Long live the Knights!